About Us

The Arizona Geriatrics Society (AzGS), an affiliate of the American Geriatrics Society, is a professional non-profit association dedicated to supporting health and human service professionals that advance the care of older adults throughout Arizona. Membership is open to all professionals and organizations that provide geriatric care.


Our resources derive from dues, educational revenues and private donations from organizations that support our mission to improve the health and well being of older Arizonans.

The issues surrounding geriatric medicine are becoming increasingly important to the public and to the legislature. Molding public policy, advancing elder care issues and addressing the financial ramifications of an aging population are areas in which healthcare professionals need to be actively involved.


Anyone interested in these issues is welcome to join the AzGS and assist in directing the destiny of elder care in Arizona.


Our Commitment to Elder Care


  • To Improve the Health and Well Being of Older Adults

  • To Enhance the Visibility and Growth of Geriatric Medicine

  • To Affect Public Policy that Advances Geriatric Care Issues

  • To Facilitate Growth of Geriatric Medicine

  • To Support and Encourage Education and Research on Aging and Elder Care 


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