Annual Awards


Each year, the Arizona Geriatrics Society recognizes exemplary and outstanding health care professionals who are passionate about caring for older adults and have made significant contributions in the field of geriatric medicine or gerontology. Nominations can only be submitted by members of the Arizona Geriatrics Society; however, membership is not required for the nominee.

  • The Geriatrician of the Year Award is open to all Arizona licensed prescribers including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists.

  • Gerontologist of the Year Award is open to all Arizona health care professionals including nurses, social workers, case managers, therapists, psychologists and any other individual who is a non-prescriber.



The following criteria are used to evaluate:

  • Demonstration of exemplary inter-professional geriatric practice or education

  • Impact in the community and/or place of employment as a result of the nominee’s activities

  • Scope or length of service

2021 Award Winners

    Geriatrician of the Year

Sarah Payne, DO


Sarah Payne, DO was awarded for her outstanding work as a geriatrician and hospice/palliative care physician, as well as for her service as a clinician-educator and mentor to a multitude of learners.

Gerontologist of the Year

Janko Nikolich-Zugich, MD, PhD


Janko Nikolich-Zugich, MD, PhD was recognized for

for his lifelong research in the field of the immunobiology of aging, and especially for his vital work in the recent past with the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

 Lifetime Achievement Award

John T. (Jack) Boyer, MD


AZGS Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. Jack Boyer, who came to the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center when the institution was in its infancy, and started three divisions of medicine - first hematology, then rheumatology and finally geriatrics.

His plaque reads:

In recognition of your passion for the field of aging medicine,

Your mentorship and training of several generations of geriatric learners,

Your lifelong institutional leadership,

And your unwavering intellectual curiosity.

Your contributions are immeasurable.

Thank you

-Arizona Geriatrics Society

Past Award Recipients

2020 Geriatrician of the Year - Mel Hector, MD

2020 Gerontologist of the Year - Amanda Sokan, PhD, MHA, LL.B

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award - Gary Salzman, MD

2019 Geriatrician of the Year - Nimit Agarwal, MD

2019 Gerontologist of the Year - Rita Anand, CALM

2018 Geriatrician of the Year - Edward Perrin, MD

2018 Gerontologist of the Year - Paige Hector, LMSW

2017 Geriatrician of the Year - Margaret DeVries, NP, MSN

2017 Gerontologist of the Year - Rev. Dr. Dosia Carlson

2016 Geriatrician of the Year - Rosemary S. Browne, MD, FACP

2016 Gerontologist of the Year - Beverly Heasley, RN, FNGNA

2015 Geriatrician of the Year - Jeannie Kim Lee, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASHP

2015 Gerontologist of the Year - Lisa O'Neil, MPH

2014 Geriatrician of the Year - Carol McMullin, MD

2014 Gerontologist of the Year - Sandra Brownstein, PharmD

2013 Geriatrician of the Year - Evgenije Savin, MD
2013 Gerontologist of the Year - Jessie Pergrin, RN, PhD


2012 Geriatrician of the Year - Pierre Tariot, MD

2012 Gerontologist of the Year - M. Jane Mohler, RN, MPH, PhD

2011 Geriatrician of the Year - Gerrit Terpstra, MD
2011 Gerontologist of the Year - Kathyrne L. Barnoski, MN, FNP, GNP-BC


2010 Geriatrician of the Year - Robert Tulley, MD

2010 Gerontologist of the Year - Barbara Dionne, APRN, FNP

2009 Geriatrician of the Year - Monica Vandivort, MD

2009 Gerontologist of the Year - Marianne McCarthy, PhD

2008 Geriatrician of the Year - Walter J. Nieri, MD

2008 Gerontologist of the Year - Amy Elsbury, RN

2007 Geriatrician of the Year - John Lingenfelter, MD

2007 Geriatrician of the Year - Georgia Hall, PhD

2006 Geriatrician of the Year - Gary Salzman, MD

2006 Gerontologist of the Year - Carol Long, PhD

2005 Gerontologist of the Year - Linda Phillips, PhD, RN

2004 Geriatrician of the Year - Ivan Govan, MD

2003 Gerontologist of the Year - Jan Dougherty, RN, MS

2002 Geriatrician of the Year - John Pifer, MD

2000 Geriatrician of the Year - Mindy Fain, MD

1999 Geriatrician of the Year - Gillian Hamilton, MD

1999 Gerontologist of the Year - Mary Lynn Kasunic

1998 Gerontologist of the Year - Madeleine Lutz, PhD

1988 Geriatrician of the Year - Jerome Kastrul, MD

1996 Geriatrician of the Year - Marlene Bluestein, MD

1994-95 Geriatrician of the Year - Jack Boyer, MD

1993 Geriatrician of the Year - Paul Rousseau, MD