Membership Information

The Arizona Geriatrics Society is a professional non-profit organization that represents all geriatric healthcare professionals -- physicians, psychologists, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, researchers, nurses, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, long term care and assisted living facilities administrators, educators and students. 

AzGS advances geriatric healthcare by offering continuing medical education conferences -- a Spring Conference in Tucson as well as its signature event in Phoenix -- the two day Annual Fall Symposium.  It also  offers its members a number of educational dinner programs yearly, in  both Phoenix and in Tucson.  This year we are working toward increased virtual learning and advocacy.


Belonging to a professional organization provides opportunities for life long learning, increased interactions with colleagues, and encountering new perspectives and ideas.  Active participation with AZGS can add to your professional satisfaction as you help us on our mission to optimize the care of older adults.

For increased efficiency and integration, we as a state affiliate have engaged the American Geriatric Society to handle our membership dues and renewals. You will be redirected to the AGS page to complete your registration and  for payment.  Thank you!

Select Your Membership Level

Young Doctor

Individual Doctoral Level

Includes MD, DO, ND, DDS, DMD,

and DPM

Annual Rate :


Smiling Nurse

Individual Allied Professional Level

Includes NP, PA, PharmD, PhD, PsyD, EdD, MSN, as well as all allied health care professionals not listed under doctoral level

Annual Rate :



Healthcare Affiliate 

(Company Membership)

Open to any organization that provides products and/or services to medical professionals or older adults

Annual Rate :


Man Fishing

Retiree Affiliate Membership

Open to any healthcare professional who has retired but wants to stay connected 

Annual Rate :


Hospital Employees

Resident and Fellow Affiliate Member

Open to any geriatric healthcare professional who is in a residency 
program and still in training

Annual Rate :


Students with iPad

Student Affiliate Member

Open to all full-time students who are interested in the care of older adults

Annual Rate :