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Students & AzGS

The Arizona Geriatrics Society is committed to educating motivated students about the importance of geriatric care and advancements in the field of aging. Students can become members of the AzGS Student Section by creating an account at



Mission Statement

To provide opportunities and experiences to students interested in the field of

aging to ensure an improved quality of life for older adults.

Meeting Dates

The AzGS Student Section meets twice a year:

Our first meeting of the year will be held in mid-September.

Our second meeting of the year will be held in March.

**Check back soon for more details!

AzGS Student Section Goals

Student Section of AZ is a student organization under the AzGS dedicated to encouraging students to become involved in service-oriented and awareness-raising activities related to geriatric care. The group has three primary goals: 


(1) to encourage student participation in service to geriatric care patients; 

This will manifest in community service opportunities at assisted living care facilities, community clinics, and special events hosted by various organizations, including the AZGeriatrics Society, with regard to geriatiric patients.


(2) to provide information, services and support for students seeking exposure to the field of aging; 

This will manifest in speaker series from various geriatric care professionals, including but not limited to geriatricians, caregivers, assisted living facility management, and more, as well as information about events hosted by the Arizona Geriatrics Society whereby students can participate.


(3) to encourage learning and growth in leadership.

This will manifest in various executive positions within the organization itself, as well as ample student-directed outreach opportunities with other organizations involved with geriatric care and awareness.

To keep up to date on news regarding the events of SGS, subscribe here for notifications and apply here to join the organization!!

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